Title: What would you do if you were a girl for a day?
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Liam: Harry Styles, you got an answer for us. What is it?

Harry: I’d do Niall.

Liam: Oh god… Well that’ll be all over twitter in the morning, front page of The Sun. x

Liam:what would you do if you were a girl for a day?

Harry:I’d do Niall.


when ur boob starts itching in public


Title: Nick and Narry
Artist: Narry
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the times when half of your otp is in Grimmy’s show and the other half gets mentioned


Pizza hut killin’ it.

  • Bressie: The big guns are big guns because they give a shit, you know. Whether you think they're manufactured or not, the real -- the Olly Murses and stuff -- they're talented guys who really put everything into it, then you got the other lads who wouldn't.
  • Jarlath: This is something Dermot [O'Leary] said, in his chat was, I said I wonder, 'cause he's a grafter, and you clearly have come from just that moment before it became possible to get paid without having done a thing. And I asked him, had graft kind of gone out of the business, and he maintained that the Olly Murses of this world and those guys, the previous winners from the past four years, were all workers.
  • Bressie: They were. Yeah. They really are, and the thing with these types of shows like even if you look at -- obviously I know Niall very well -- I sometimes see people take, do reviews of them and, there was one particular one they were saying, they're manufactured, they don't write, they don't do this -- how the fuck do you know? You know, sitting in your Guardian newspaper behind a desk, you know nothing about them. You know--
  • Jarlath: About One Direction?
  • Bressie: About One Direction. You know what you believe and you perceive, you think you know, but if you're a real journalist find out the truth, and the truth is they do write, and Niall does play instruments and they do work their arses off and you know, granted they were started in an X-Factor vein but this entire journey they've gone on, there's been -- they've given as much as they've got. They have. And I know this, I know this for a fact, and I know there's a lot of pop stars that are the same, that work so hard and deserve where they are. But then there are some pop stars who just come into it for their own reasons, they want their back pat, they want to be told they're great, they want to be fecking going to parties, and all this and they're not -- that's not music.
  • Jarlath: How long do they last?
  • Bressie: They don't last. They don't get through it. They never get through it. And that's the fact, the real -- the people we hear on the radio are people who graft.